Multimedia: Kurtwood Farms - Dinah's Cheese


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Kurt Timmermeister, owner and cheesemaker at Kurtwood Farms, takes us on the journey of Dinah’s Cheese. Timmermeister carefully handcrafts each round of Dinah’s Cheese, a beautiful, grassy, farmstead cheese that can be found in restaurants and markets throughout Seattle and as far away as New York City. 

“If I had planned this farm from the outset, it might have looked different, perhaps more deliberate. As it happened, the circuitous route of development gave this project a more ‘organic’ style of growth. Through successes and failures the farm took shape and now reflects my interests and skills, the nature of this soil and the climate here.” 

― Kurt Timmermeister, Growing a Farmer: How I Learned to Live Off the Land 

Director of Photography: Matthew Williams 

Cinematography by John Waskey and Matthew Williams 

Editing by Matthew Williams